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Half Moon, Full Heart

Half Moon, Full Heart – Novel | Screen Treatment
Hardcover. 252p.
by Gene Cartwright.

A love story like they were once told. Unbelievably, three separate journeys by three
distinct pairs of lovers meet, across separate generations.”Half Moon, Full Heart”

nce upon a time,
it was 1955. Eisenhower (‘Ike’) was President; a stamp cost three cents; gas was twenty-
three; Popsicles came two to a package; Elvis was twenty, and against all odds, young
David Joe Fallon, Jr. and Jessie Marie Taylor were in love. The End.

And the story may well have ended there, were it not for what happened to those two. It
has been said, few younger than twenty or so could possibly know true love.

That may be true for most, but not for Jessie Marie and David Joe, both of whom lived in
Rosedale—a small, north-central Texas town—back in the 1950s.

Following a diagnosis of breast cancer, and before it proved to be a traumatic error, Rachel
Marin’s producer/director husband abandons her. A beautiful, successful, professional
woman, Rachel’s world collapses. She attempts suicide then struggles to lift herself from
the basement of her life. On a fateful road trip across country, from California to Boston,
she stops in a small, Texas town and discovers a reason to live forever.

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