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The Widowmaker 


Completed screenplay 118p.

John Roméo has an eye for beauty and a nose for murder.


“I’m not afraid of dying, it’s living that scares me shitless.”
— John Roméo

His name is Roméo – John Roméo (Ro-may-o).
But don’t call him Romeo, unless you prefer eating steak with a straw.

Log Line:

When an Oscar-nominated director and his mistress become the latest serial murder victims, a jet-setting millionaire author and former LAPD homicide wiz is called on to end the carnage, but becomes the hunted.

“They’ve got murders in L.A. they can’t solve. And like Sparta’s Chief Gillespie’s view of Virgil Tibbs in ‘67, the LAPD doesn’t want Roméo, but they sure as hell need him.”

“John Roméo has an eye for beauty, and a nose for murder.”

The Widowmaker

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